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Art Is Like Sex – Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Bigger is Better It’s not a myth. It is absolutely true. Bigger is better and for many reasons. It’s impressive, it makes a statement and yes, it serves a purpose. Big Art (often referred to as Oversized Art) adds more color, more imagery and from a practical standpoint, more coverage. There’s a wow factor that comes with size. The first time you saw something that big, you had a visceral reaction. You said to yourself, now that’s exciting. I want that. Where can I get one of those? You wondered if (your walls) could handle it. You knew you had to have it. From that moment, you were on a mission to find the perfect one. Seeing it so big is mesmerizing. You simply can’t look at anything small ever again. Large art does the trick. It brings warmth, color and life to a room. Everything comes together in a masterful, feel good, I am complete way. You surrender every time you look at it; there’s a personal sense of accomplishment. I found it. Somehow, all the parts of the room become fused. The carpet or flooring, the drapes or shutters, the bedding or pillows all contribute in their own way, but the large framed art is the piece de resistance. The room comes together now.Big Art is that good.Multiple O’s Reign SupremeYears ago, back in our mothers’ day, multiples were rare. In fact, “O’s” were not even discussed. It’s as if nobody had them. They were not common, not spoken of and rarely experienced. You were lucky to get one. But with time and the European influence, we began to see the emergence of O’s (I’m referring to Oversized art of course). If one “O” was awesome – imagine having 2 or more? One of the hottest trends in wall art these days is the experience of multiples of Canvassed Art prints grouped or paired together on one wall. Framed Art Sets are powerful statements in home decor. They have become so popular that art publishers are offering a matching twin for many of their small to medium art prints. However, finding multiple art prints in larger sizes are not as common. Is the demand for multiples a simple case of wanting more or is there an inherent truth to its merits? A resounding yes. First and foremost, your home calls for large art. Some of your walls can handle more than one canvas artwork. Secondly, you love the look of art sets. Third, big art feels spectacular in the room. In a world that revolves around appealing to our senses, it is safe to say that more color, more contrast, more coverage offered by Large Art Sets is as rewarding as any experience that multiples provide.Art, Like Sex, Should Blow Your MindWe’re all looking for that “wow” moment. The instant that you experience the sensation created by the hands of another human being. It seems we’ve walked around for years, knowing it is out there but it has never affected us in any earth-shattering way. Until one day. That moment when you come across a piece of art that stops you in your tracks, your mouth drops, your eyes squint, your head tilts slightly, you’re in silence. An ooh or wow escapes your lips. You turn inward or to your partner and admit, “I like that. It feels good.” All those years you’ve never experienced what others have, you’ve never understood it and then, in an instant, you get it. You know what it’s like to see canvassed Art and be moved by it. It doesn’t matter what the context is; the colors, the imagery, the beauty. It has spoken to you. And you want to take it with you so that you may experience this feeling privately, in your own home. Art has finally touched you and because you are human, you want to experience it, over and over again.Stop Being an Art Virgin. Experience Art Today.