Find Out What Herbal Health Is All About

To most people herbs are thought of in terms of enhancing flavor in cooking. People also think of herbs is reference to natural medicine and oriental medicine. A very common use of the term herbal is in relation to herbal teas.Actually an herb can be any plant. Herbal health is all about using specific plants (herbs) that have specific know compounds that are used in natural health and as medicine.While herbal health may be thought of as using herbs like some form of medicine, herbs are also whole foods that support holistic health.When I think of herb for health I feel it is the idea of using edible plants that have powerful nutritional healing and holistic health benefits to balance the body.Often it seems herbs are mystified as being exotic potions or drug like compounds that only very specific practitioners or healers know how to use. While there is some truth to this, especially with formulas and combinations of herbs, there are also a whole range of herbs used for herbal health that are easily understood.Herbal health is a modality for creating and supporting optimal health.In China and in many cultures all over the world herbal remedies have successfully been used to promote health since the dawn of man.Herbal health has been around forever and has been widely accepted by past and present societies all over the world. Yet there does continue to be a mistrust and a lot of misinformation about herbal health that persists in the the U.S. culture. Ignorance is partly to blame but there is also a concerted effort on the part of the American medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry to limit and repress the knowledge and use of herbal health therapies and medicinal herbs.Natural medicine remedies, cures and therapies are often very inexpensive and because they do not offer the massive profits to the drug and medical industry infrastructure they are repressed. The government plays into this as well through the lobby influence of these industries. There have been ongoing efforts by these industries in collusion with the FDA and other governmental agencies to suppress and even ban the use of herbs for health and for treatment of illness and disease. Recently there has even been attempts to criminalize natural medicine practitioners and their use of herbal therapies.The reality of herbal health is that herbs have been used for centuries to improve and maintain health and to cure illness and disease. As we look at the U.S. western medicine health care system today, we see that the U.S. population has evolved into one of the most unhealthy on this planet, while at the same time being the wealthiest and most well fed. The western conventional health system is heavily based on the use of pharmaceutical drugs to chase symptoms with no effective understanding or program for preventative health. People wait till they are ill then they are put on drugs to maintain their illness and often told to take the drugs for the rest of their lives. No actual healing or cure ever takes place.Herbal health is based on a holistic health model that uses natural medicine and nutrition as a preventative process to avoid illness and disease. If people do get sick then the herbal health model uses herbs for natural medicine and nutrition to heal by re balancing the body.Healing and curing can mean the same thing or can be two different perceptions. If you are healed of an illness or imbalance then you no longer have the illness or imbalance this is the same as saying you are cured. There are some limited occasions where you are cured with medicine or a process without going through a healing process. Like the use of an antidote, surgery or a serum that automatically cures your specific illness. Actually outright automatic cures are rare, most illness and disease is about healing.Illness and disease is caused or allowed to develop from imbalances in the body’s systems. The use of herbs or natural health processes to create and maintain vibrant health and prevent illness and disease has actually proven to be far more effective over time than the conventional western medical model.As long as massive profit is available from health care, illness and disease, then people will be misinformed and prevented from using the herbal health model. Herbs are an inexpensive form of effective medicine, for maintaining optimal health and for illness and disease prevention.Whole herbal super foods are herbs that have been concentrated and prepared for consumption as a supplement to your everyday normal diet.Amazon rainforest raw herbal supplements are eaten by people all over the world and the same herbs gathered and eaten in their natural wild state have been used to support the health by indigenous people in the Amazon for thousands of years.Take a closer look at herbal superfood supplements, herbal medicines and whole foods as medicine. If you want to be healthy naturally and prevent illness and disease before it can happen to you, then herbal health is worth investigating.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Printing Company

Choosing a good printing company can be a long and arduous process to the uninitiated. Technology has advanced so much that nearly anyone with a computer and a printer, but no operations management or even printing knowledge can start advertising themselves as a printer. This presents a veritable minefield to direct marketers and businesses looking for high quality, inexpensive printing services. Here are five things to consider when choosing a printing company, to help you make the best choice for your budget and goals.Online vs. LocalA good online printer can offer much lower prices since they often do not have to carry the cost of retail rents for a physical location. They have lower overhead, and thus, they can pass those savings to their clients. However, the price reductions in printing may be negated by the shipping costs, depending on the distance between you and the printer, and the size and weight of your printed materials. Additionally, for a lot of people an online printer is harder to trust than dealing with a person at a brick and mortar shop face-to-face. Often this is just due to being unfamiliar with the online printing process. After the first few orders, you will likely be a big fan of online printing companies.Delivery TimeFor businesses that need prints right away, a local shop might be the better bet since you will not have delays due to shipping. Ask your printer for an estimate on when they can have the job completed, if it is an urgent matter, ask about rush prices. An experienced printer will have seen such issues before, and will be honest about his capabilities in getting the order completed.Determine the Services You NeedWhat are you printing? Do you need digital printing, envelope printing or wide-format printing for large marketing materials such as posters and banners. Whether you are printing business cards, legal reports, or billboard signage, each requires a different form of printing and different services. Educate yourself on your printer’s website to find out what you need. Your printer will be more than willing to discuss options that meet your needs and budget.ReputationWhen choosing between several printing companies, be sure to ask for references and samples of their work. A good printer will be proud of his work and eager to show you how the company has satisfied clients in the past. Ask for their associations with trade and industry organizations. Contact your local newspaper or chamber of commerce to find out if any local shops have earned ‘local business’ awards. Finally, how do you feel when dealing with your printing representative? Printing does not have to be a stressful experience, but if you are not confident in your printer, it very likely will be.CostPerhaps the biggest consideration of all is cost. Marketing budgets are often very tight, however promotion and spreading the word about your business is as important as delivery quality service, particularly if you are a new business. Some items, such as flyers or business cards can be printed relatively cheaply by any company. Naturally, you will be eligible for certain discounts, depending on the order quantity and date needed.

Contract Management Software Distributors

Contract management software distributors are companies engaged in the process of selling and marketing contract management software packages, designed and developed by various manufacturers. They are responsible for providing the first level support for these software packages to customers. A contract management software distributor supplies contract management solutions to a business organization. The aim is to enhance business performance through better cost management, while effectively minimizing contract risks.Contract management software distributors usually make available contract management software to all kinds of departments such as business, health care, law firms, governments and contract management professionals. A good distributor offers excellent customer service and technical support, apart from selling the package. Contract management software distributors also assist in the effective installation of software packages. Sometimes, distributors provide an installer’s tool that allows end users to copy, decompress and install files.In addition, contract management software distributors determine the type of contract management software most suitable for your company. For this purpose, they consider factors such as the size of the company and the number of employees. For instance, Contract Management Tracking Software (CMTS) developed by CobbleStone is meant for small business enterprises with less than 15 users. Distributors also customize contract management software according to customer specifications. Some distributors even provide a free trial. This gives an opportunity for users to try the software without prior commitment.A countless number of distributors provide competent service in contract management software. But the nature and use of software packages provided by each distributor is different. For example, PHP contract management software is mainly used in large enterprises such as construction companies.Some of the leading distributors in contract management software are Accruent, ARM Group, Blueridge Software (ContractAssistant), CMSI, CobbleStone Systems, Covigna, Determine, diCarta, Ecteon (Contraxx), FieldCentrix, I-many, Ketera, OmniWare, and UpsideSoft. The Internet is perhaps the best place to search for contract management software distributors. is a prominent online distributor of contract management software.

Writing Advice: Is It Worth It to Self-Publish? One Question You Must Ask to Decide

Just about the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to start making money as a writer is to self-publish, especially if you have little to no money. But, many question, “Is it worth it to go this route?” Like almost everything about business, the answer is, it depends.Following is the one question you need to ask — and answer, in my opinion — before deciding if self-publishing is worth it for you.Why do you want to publish a book? I have a friend whose mother died from Alzheimer’s disease. She was the primary caretaker and wanted to write a book about her experience during this difficult time. She asked me about the self-publishing process.I have another friend who wants to start an online business doing seminars targeted to empowering youth. She wants to publish a book about her message (to brand her speaking career).I have a cyber friend who’s in the process of writing a book about adopting his daughter from a foreign country; the Philippines (he’s American).I have yet another friend whose aunt led a life of crime, drugs and multiple marriages who wanted me to ghost write a book about her life.I point all this out to say that there are some who just want to get their story out there, and there are others who want to build a business around their book (ie, brand their business). It’s important to know going in why you want to write because if it’s just going to be a one-time thing, for example, you might decide to wait until you can cobble together the $3,000, $5,000, etc. or whatever it is you want to spend to have it all done for you.But if you want to brand a business or make ongoing money selling your info products, you might decide to do it yourself because you’ll be putting out multiple products and you’ll want to control how much you spend, how often you publish and what your message is.I write and sell eBooks (and seminars and e-classes) for a living. It’s a business for me, so I chose self-publishing for all of the reasons I just cited. For example, if a topic was hot in one of my niches (let’s say, freelance writing), then I could hop on it – writing an eBook and publishing it within a few days if I so desired.That’s what happened with the eBook I wrote on how to make money writing SEO content; which was first published in 2008, when this form of online writing was just getting popular.Following is how I got into self-publishing, which solidified that this was definitely the correct route for me.My Self-Publishing JourneyI’ve been writing and self-publishing eBooks since 2002. When I first started out, it wasn’t about making a living writing and selling eBooks online. At the time, I ran an editorial staffing agency at the time – one that hired freelance writers, editors, proofreaders, copy editors, etc. I kept getting the same questions from freelancers about things like how to land long-term assignments, what companies look for in freelancers, how much to charge, etc.So, I wrote up a pamphlet answering these frequently asked questions and uploaded it to my website. It didn’t have a cover or anything, and back in those days, purchasers had to pay first then wait for me to send them the file. It was very primitive is the point I’m trying to get across. I wasn’t even using the term “eBook” back then I don’t think.By 2010, I looked up and realized that over half my annual income came from products I wrote and sold online. And that’s when I decided to make a full-time go of it.ConclusionWhether you just want to get your story out there, or make a full-time living as a writer, self-publishing is a wonderful way to go about it because you can get started for nothing (literally $0!). Also, you make all the decisions regarding when your book comes out, where it’s sold, what to charge for it, what the cover looks like, etc.; and you can go publish as many or as few books as you want because it doesn’t have to cost anything.Only you can decide if self-publishing is worth it for you. If you start by asking “why do I want to write this book,” you’re more than half way to getting your answer — in my opinion and experience.